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Teaching young participants to reach their potential and help maintain a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of the Técnica Education vision. Founded in 2016 we have already impacted upon over 30 Yorkshire based schools through physical education or extra after school activities, seeing 1000's of young children on a weekly basis.


With 10+ years of sports coaching and teaching we have adapted many lessons, games and ideology used by different countries from across the globe. Everything we do is based around creative play, learning, problem solving and most importantly enjoyment. Physical Education and School Sport should be a catalyst to enhance a person's life skills, as well as promoting healthy living.

Having built up a network of relationships with head teachers and schools, we are proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. We are sure any of our schools would be happy to provide a positive reference on the impact in their schools should you request one.


Some schools can be reluctant to change provider due to a variety of reasons. But ask yourself, does your school receive the characteristics below at an affordable price?


If not, then becoming a part of our inclusive school sport vision would benefit your school!

- Honesty

- Reliability 

- Respectful

- Behaviour management strategies

- Create a strong environment and culture

- Passionate 

- Differentiation skills

- Reporting

- Value for money

Our teaching philosophy is to create the best possible environment within lessons and allow participants freedom to be creative and experience rewarding contact time with any equipment used. We aim to prepare individuals, classes or teams for enjoyment, development and to be respectful competitors.