Tecnica are working in association with the Mental Health Foundation

1 in 6 people every week experience a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety

On average around 16 people take their own lives every day, that's approximately one person every 2 hours!

Public health standards, education and most societal areas have improved dramatically in recent years, yet our mental health is somehow decreasing?!

We not to buck the trend and work together to create an environment in which we all feel safe, valued and confident in ourselves.


Mental well-being is vitally important at all ages and in all walks of life, which is why Tecnica are offering services designed to help improve your mental well-being.

In School

We are offering numerous initiatives to help students and teachers develop positive mindsets, increase confidence and feel better within themselves

The Public

At Tecnica, everyone matters. We are here to give help and advice to anyone out there who needs a help in hand. Click the button below to see 10 ways to improve your mental health

For more information and to see the fantastic work being done by the Mental Health Foundation, visit