Creating additional sporting opportunities is at the heart of the Técnica Education vision and we pride ourselves on hosting quality after school club programmes.

After school clubs are an opportunity for children to participate in sports they love, or sports that they want to try for the first time. They also give parents a little extra time to get home from work, without burdening teachers with more work.

Football/Street Soccer

Pupil/School paid

Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar... Their football journey started on the streets.

Taking inspiration from some of the worlds best players, we encourage creativity, courage and resilience through our street soccer programme.

And the best bit about street soccer is that it can be played almost anywhere! On grass or the playground, in a big or small area, in or outdoors.

Our Street Soccer Programme can be run on a lunch time (which can be particularly good for managing behaviour and playground space), before or after school

After School Sports / Multi-skills

Pupil Paid / School Paid

This is usually a six or ten week specific coaching experience where the Técnica coaches will conduct sessions after school hours (eg 3.30pm - 4.30pm).

Note: We operate with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 16. Should you prefer or expect higher numbers then an additional member of our team will be required increasing the maximum to 32 children. 


Players of any ability are welcome.  Your school can decide from a KS1/KS2 mix, KS1 or KS2 only participation or alternatively girls only.


The after school coaching ethos is to inspire a love for the game through an enjoyable environment, and will focus heavily on the social and psychological elements of long term participant development, such as: teamwork, respect, communication and confidence. Participants will be exposed to game related practices and be provided with a platform to express themselves freely and show individual creativity.

The most popular Técnica After School Skills programmes currently include: Football, Futsal, Handball, Hockey, Dodgeball & Multi-Skills.


Fitness Clubs

After school or run as a breakfast club.

Técnica Education Fitness Clubs were extremely popular during 2017. 

These clubs are designed to promote healthy living and getting active. Often we like to use music in the background and make a relaxed environment of which participants can use some of our equipment in a relaxed safe manner or receive more personal training from the staff depending or the needs of that person.

The aim is to make keeping fit fun and never a chore!

School Team Training

School Paid

School team sport has always carried a prestige and is an honour for those who are able to represent their school in a sporting environment. School teams are extremely beneficial to social skills and enable co-operation with peers and respect for rules of the game.


We are able to create, assist or deliver training sessions that enable players to develop a knowledge of: mastery skills, be exciting with the ball attacking movement, positive and enthusiastic defending principles and creating realistic game related skill practices to help familiarity with team play.


Should your school not have a sports team, we would be happy to create a new side and work with the teachers on how to maintain the running of the team, organise fixtures and good practice information.



Lunch Club

45 minutes to 1 hour.

Studies have shown that exercise at lunchtime can help children let off steam and excess energy before returning to their classroom environment, therefore improving their academic performance and classroom behaviour. In a recent study by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, 93% of teachers said they saw an increase in concentration by students who had participated in physical activity prior to lessons.


Técnica Education can offer a flexible lunchtime service to suit your school's needs and wants, Técnica will create structured games in a fun and safe environment to provide opportunities for children to develop their skills and participate in suitable activities. Regardless of the child’s ability and willingness to participate, roles can be created within the activity to ensure all are engaged; for example children may show an interest in officiating the game or tasking themselves with a simple observation challenge.



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