How can Tecnica help?

Below are our most popular services, but we would be delighted to develop a bespoke package to suit your school, whatever you need we will endeavour to help!

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The Tecnica Project

In School Coaching

In School Coaching

PE Lesson Delivery


Our AFPE Level 3 trained and qualified staff deliver high quality lessons based around any chosen topic or theme as required.


We offer planning, reports and assessments as part of our lesson delivery service.


All lessons are aligned to the National Curriculum and the Tecnica Lesson Planner, which matches up the curriculum with key life skills 

Mentoring & Interventions


Studies have shown that having a mentor can increase a child's self-esteem and their academic performance.


Our mentorship programme has 2 primary aims:

1) enhance physical and mental well-being

2) encourage positive and supportive relationships by developing social skills


We use sport to build a rapport with individuals and deliver cross-curricular activities to support their needs.

School Enrichment Workshops


Enrichment Workshops use sport as a catalyst to learn about various societal issues.


We are able to offer an array of workshops, but the most popular are:


-Healthy Living & Nutrition


-Building Resilience

-Mental Health

-The Importance of Sport


We are also able to develop school specific workshops to suit your children! 

Staff CPD

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Tecnica are here to help your staff as well as the students!

We can work alongside teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff to upskill their PE delivery.

We also offer specialist CPD events so give all of your staff that extra help in delivering PE.