Creating additional sporting opportunities is at the heart of the Técnica Education vision and we pride ourselves on hosting quality clubs and events that can have a positive impact on all participants.


After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of after school clubs and are able to deliver almost any sport! 

After school clubs can be paid for by school or by parents.

Some of our most popular after school clubs include: football, handball, hockey, fitness, multi-skills and netball

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Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs can be used to provide further participation opportunities to specific children, or as a behaviour management tool.


Lunch times can be problematic, so we deliver sports to take the pressure off lunchtime staff.


Popular versions include street soccer, futsal and handball 

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Breakfast Clubs

Our breakfast clubs give the children an active start to the day and can be held in- or out- door.


Research has shown physical activity has an impact on cognitive skills such as concentration and attention, as well as improving classroom attitudes. 

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School Team Training

Competing for your school is an honour and being able to compete against other schools adds another experience to school life.


We can help to create school teams and then give them the necessary skills to compete.


We also look to book fixtures and competitions in with other schools. 

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School Sports Day

Tecnica can create a sports day to remember.


We organise everything from the logistics to the events themselves, and we make sure every child in school is given the opportunity to take part.