Tecnica Anti-Bullying Policy

At Tecnica Education we are committed to stopping bullying or poor behaviour from disrupting our participants enjoyment within sessions. All players of any ability or background should be able to attend lessons ensuring an opportunity to learn and have fun.

We do not condone any bullying or name calling of any description and whenever possible ALL Tecnica coaches shall quickly look to stop the source of bullying and find a solution to educate actions of those that do.


Participants are particularly encouraged to come and tell coaches of any behaviour they find unacceptable as whilst facilitating sessions / lessons especially with a high volume of people something could be missed or unheard. 

If participants do not feel comfortable in talking to the coaches during the session, please inform parents / guardians who are welcome to raise any concern to us with the aim of working together to achieve a better outcome.

So how do we deal with a problem?

During lessons or soccer schools we use what we call 'The Tecnica Dot System'. 

Dot 1 - A warning is given similar to a yellow card where coaches aim to stop poor discipline quickly. Those who cause problems will be educated on why they should not continue with their actions.

Dot 2 - Similar to a red card. If at school the participants shall be removed from physical education lessons or sent to the class teacher / head teacher. At soccer schools the players parent / guardian shall be called to come and collect. No refund shall be given in this instance.


Dot 3 - Depending on the action a temporary or permanent ban from all Tecnica Education activities.

Please note coaches can skip Dot 1 at any time and go straight to Dot 2 or 3.

Should anyone wish to contact Tecnica Education with a problem or to report an instance of bullying then please contact us at info@tecnicaeducation.co.uk